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What happened the last time one of your drivers had an accident? ECBM specializes in obtaining payment for claims so your business can get back on the road. The Trucking Insurance Pros Since 1970.

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Transportation Insurance Services

  • CompEdge Cost-Reduction Programs
  • Contract Review
  • On-Call 24/7
  • Dedicated Claims Services Team

Proud member of PMTA, ATA, IANA, NAFC, NPTC, NTTC, NJ Motor Truck Association, SC&RA, The Traffic Club of Philadelphia, and Truckload Carriers Association.

What our clients say:
"This is what our company has been looking for, for so long' an agent making a difference for us and not just passing on rate increases as status quo."

Specialized Services for Transporation Clients

  • 24/7 On-Call Crisis Management
  • Safety and Driver Recruitment Services
  • Property, Cargo, and Physical Damage Subrogation
  • Claims Management and Auditing for all coverage lines

When you combine the specialties that ECBM offers, you get more than a truck insurance policy. The result is a comprehensive program to protect your business and drivers, reduce risk and costs over time, and simplify your insurance plan.


Compliance Services

  • Compliance Services

Employee Services

  • Workers' Compensation

Financial Services

  • Financial Services

Health & Wellness

  • Health & Wellness


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  • Safety Programs / Training


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  • Workers’ Comp. Service

Wellness, Safety Programs and Training

  • Wellness, Safety Programs and Training