Haddad International Transport Inc

Company Description

Haddad International Transport, Inc., a 30 year-old,established company is looking for agents with experience in logistics, dispatch and brokerage with a customer/driver following. If you are a dynamic, motivated individual, we want you to join our expanding sales team!

We offer:

Weekly Commission Payments • Flats/Vans • Full Authority & Insurance Coverages Safety/Compliance Management • Load Posting Services/McLeod TMS System Access to Truck Fleets

If you are interested in a rewarding position with a top-notch company, contact: jason@haddadtrucking.com • jim@haddadtrucking.com • Ph: 313-846-4560 • Fax: 313-846-0892


Brokers / Logistics

  • Brokers / Logistics

Common / Contract Carrier

  • Common / Contract Carrier

For Hire

  • Common Carrier
  • Common Carrier- Flatbed
  • Common Carrier- Specialized

Fleet Management Services

  • Fleet Management Services

Freight Brokerage

  • Freight Brokerage

Trucks / Trucking

  • Flatbed, Oversized, Hazmat
  • Long Distance Trucking
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