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ECBM is a family run, privately-owned insurance solutions company based in Pennsylvania, and for over 50 years, our sole mission has been to serve you. With no outside investors or shareholders to complicate our work, we provide expert insurance consulting that you can trust.

 ECBM knows it is important not only to reduce costs but also to create standards and methods for monitoring consistent delivery of the services it promises to its clients. By creating and managing this process, we have been able to consistently exceed client expectations. With access to every major trucking insurance carrier, we will provide not only the most cost-effective insurance program but also the most comprehensive.

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Proud member of PMTA, ATA, IANA, NAFC, NPTC, NTTC, MD Motor Truck Association, NJ Motor Truck Association, SC&RA, The Traffic Club of Philadelphia, and Truckload Carriers Association.


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