Liquid Surge Control LLC

Company Description

Liquid Surge Control LLC focuses on liquid hauling equipment safety, the safety of equipment that hauls liquid, keeping the people safe that use the equipment, and providing an extra margin of safety for the public and the environment that are often severely impacted by accidents and rollovers.  Our product, Surge Busters, creates these benefits by virtually eliminating the energy that is created by liquid moving inside a tank, known as surge.  Unlike every other surge-related technology that transfers energy to the vehicle being used for transport, Surge Busters actually eliminate 96% of the energy while it is still in the tank.  The results are remarkable and, in many cases, live-saving.

For a fraction of the cost of an accident, Surge Busters significantly reduce the likelihood and/or severity of an incident.

Other benefits include reduced maintenance cost, reduced fuel cost, driver comfort, and increased both driver retention and attraction.  Many drivers refuse to drive a liquid hauling rig without Surge Busters.  Plus, the cost savings from this list of benefits more than cover the cost of adding Surge Busters to a tanker.  It may be your best Return on Investment!



  • Fleet Safety Services / Solutions
  • Driver Safety
  • Surge Control